Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well Well...it's been awhile this time, but I swear it's not my fault! We had visitors all last week and this past weekend. Joey was here for over a week, and on Friday, my mom and Aunt Cindy arrived to stay for a few days and then take JoeJoe home with them. We had a great time, although we weren't exactly party animals. Alan is still missing his JoeJoe, since they went home on Sunday, but we'll see everyone again at the cottage for the long weekend. Can't wait!

The reason I haven't been blogging is because my computer is trying to blow itself up. Grrr. I'm currently at my kitchen table using the wireless internet from our router on my school laptop. I already replaced the cooling system on my PC just to find out that that awesome smell in the computer room is actually the power source. yay. Another piece to replace. But BJ will do that for me next week and it will be up and running. Until then I get to lug this back and forth from that unmentionable place that I am returning to next week. Erg.

And if that wasn't enough....well really it's not much, but anyway...we have Bees. Not cute, flower hopping pollinating honey bees living in some buzzing hive over in a field or somesuch. Big, ugly, wood-burrowing, child-scaring, dive-bombing, FREAKING BEES living in MY WALL. Dammit. It started out that BJ could see some bees going in and out of a hole in the wall. Outside. So we got a big freaking can of killer Raid. And he squirted in the hole. After it was empty and we were pretty sure he got most of them, he sealed the hole with spray foam. So yesterday Alan and I were chilling on the couch when i saw a bee. IN my house. Ok...I figure there has to be a way to get rid of it without freaking out me and him. But not really. This thing kept dive bombing us so I took Alan and we stood behind a big fan I have on high power. Then it went into the bathroom. So I locked it in with my cat and stuffed a blanket under the door. I mean really. You're supposed to be safe from bugs inside your house. At least scary flying, stinging ones (God this makes me feel all girly). Anyway, I made BJ come home on his lunch and kill it, only to find another one in the bathroom shortly thereafter. So I sealed it in the bathroom window, with the cat and the blanket for safe keeping. I am thinking they got in through a tear in the screen, but that night when BJ was outside killing them with an electric flyswatter (which he taped to a hockey stick...yes I have pictures) we could hear them in my bedroom wall. ICK. I spent all of last night dreaming about bees flying around my bedroom. I still have the heebie jeebies. Anyway I called a pest control place and they gave us some suggestions since they can't come out until next week, but I don't know if that's soon enough for me. Maybe I'll just move in to school for the next week. Did I ever mention that I HATE bugs? WEll I do. I hate them. Really.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tagged by Tina!

ok....I was tagged by Tina again, so here goes. I will try my best!

My Uncle Once called the head of the education department at my University and gave him a piece of his mind when they screwed up my courses and I couldn't graduate with my class.

When I was five BJ was eight. Lol.

High School Was ....was? Aren't I still in high school??

I will never forget dancing with my daddy on my wedding day.

Once I met Rob Lowe. And he's even hotter in person.

There's this girl I know who remembers every birthday, anniversary, and important date in my life and sends me a card. I'm so jealous of her!

Once at a Bar I met the man who is now my husband.

By noon I'm usually finishing my lunch and/or giving extra help. Unless I'm at home. Then I'm wearing Alan's lunch.

Last night I went to bed early while BJ and Joey played games.

If only I had another month of summer vacation left. Boo.

Next time I go to church I'll congratulate one of the guys on his 97th birthday. Seriously. Mom went to his party on the weekend.

What worries me most is wondering if Alan will turn out like some of the hooligans..I mean students...at school.

When I turn my head left I see Joey watching BJ play guitar. Werewolves of London if you're wondering.

When I turn my head right I see a blank wall. That's it.

You know I'm lying when I can't keep a straight face.

What I miss most about the eighties is Jem. And maybe She-Ra.

By this time next year Alan had better be toilet trained. Or I will cry.

A better name for me would be The Procrastination Queen. Or maybe not. I'll tell you tomorrow.

I have a hard time understanding people who live in a fantasy world. Especially the ones who live in a fantasy world and only watch Reality TV. Think about that for a sec, would ya.

The next time I go back to school I will probably reorganize my desk and make up my course outlines. Since that will probably be tomorrow.

You know I like you if I cook for you. I don't cook for annoying people.

If I ever won an award the first person I would thank would be different depending on what the award was??? If I won the lottery I would thank me for buying the ticket. If not, I would have to thank someone else.

Take my advice, never respond to being tagged if it is going to take you more than ten minutes. That's just ridiculous.

My ideal breakfast is bacon, eggs, and BJ-bread toast, made by BJ, and delivered to me with a full pot of coffee. Or anything I didn't have to make myself.

A song I love but do not have is something I was trying to figure out earlier when I was downloading the song "Believe" by Suzie McNeil.

If you visit my hometown I suggest you don't blink as you drive through. You'll miss it.

Why won't people learn that they have to work to succeed.

If you spend a night at my house expect to be woken up by Alan running around and tickling people. He's a morning person.

I'd stop my wedding for um....a fire? Not much could have made me stop my wedding.

The world could do without bugs, Peeper frogs, peas, and Paris Hilton.

I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than the belly of some other icky bug???

My favourite blondes are my husband and my son, of course!

Paper clips are more useful than eight track machines.

If I do anything well, it's probably something mathematical.

I can't help but give Alan 273 kisses a day. At the very least.

I usually cry when I stub my toe.

My advice to my child/nephew/niece youth: Go for it. Don't believe anyone who says you can't do it. If you work hard and keep your goal in mind you can reach it. No matter what. You are important, and people love you whether you get it the first time or the hundredth. You are worth your best, so don't sell yourself short.

And by the way, Flip Flops rock.

All Done!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ok A few more house pics....

Now that I have most of the house done, I am uploading a couple more pictures. It's amazing how different it looks once there are pictures on the walls and stuff is organized.
My hopes are to be able to keep it this tidy and organized. Eesh...that's gonna be hard for me, but I'm willing to give it a shot.
Kitchen looks much the same, except for the mirror I bought (which you can see below) that is on the wall across from the fridge, next to the stove.
Awesome mirror. Got it for a steal at 25 dollars, too!
Other view of the living room, with more pictures hung. Now I have to work on getting them in matching frames, next!
I know I haven't updated in forever, but we've had company on and off since we got here. Joey arrived on Thursday, and will be here until next Sunday. Mom and Cindy are coming on Friday to stay the weekend and then they are taking him home with them. The drive to get Joey was kinda scary, though. We got to Oxford and stopped to get coffee, when the car made a funny noise. Our conversation went as follows:
K: what's that noise??
B: That's not good.
K: Whaddaya mean? What is it??
B: That's really not good.
K: OK! What's not good? What's wrong?? (sounding slightly panicked)
B: Well, it sounds like there is absolutely no oil in it. And that's not good.
K: How the #@!! can it SOUND like there's no oil??? And can you fix it??

Anyway...he was right. there was no oil. And we didn't get a low oil light or anything. AND, we have no idea where the oil went. It didn't look to be leaking, and we have found no conspicuous dark patches in the driveway. So I think some garden gnome or something stole the icky old oil from my car. It's been fine since he put oil in it, and I make him check it pretty much everytime we get in the car. I could do it myself, but I feel better if he does it. At any rate we made it to Truro and back to meet Cindy and pick up Joey with no issues.

Well, Alan is napping. BJ is fixing the seat on the lawn tractor so he can mow the lawn, and Joey is hanging with BJ in the shed. "Guy stuff" probably. I think I'll grab the Terry Goodkind book I was rereading (I am not letting it anywhere near your son, Tina) and something with alcohol in it and go relax. At least until the sound of the lawn tractor wakes up Alan. Sigh. At least tonight we can have more fun playing Rock Band, guitar hero, and Singstar after Alan goes to bed!

Video Time!

I took this video this morning at breakfast. Alan LOVES to tease his daddy, and will try almost anything he knows his daddy "doesn't" want him to do. Even if it means trying to get his highchair to move across the floor. Please ignore the sharp eating utensil in his hand. As his mom I keep wincing hoping it doesn't poke him....even thoughI know it doesn't.

Monday, August 11, 2008

New House Stuff!

This is the beautiful Sumac tree on our lawn. It looks amazing in bloom!
BJ made bread...it rose well :)Two of our bestest friends, Tim and Julie came down for the housewarming.
Poor Ken. He had a little too much fun.
Can you find the kitty?
Alan's room.
The guys that moved it are still cursing this piano.
Messy dining room
messy kitchen

Well, it's been an insane week but I'll summarize it as best I can. Moving day was crazy, but everything got here in the same amount of pieces as it left the last place, which is definitely a bonus. I think the guys are still recovering from moving the piano, but nobody was seriously hurt or anything. And, as I mentioned before, it took a few extra days to get our cable and internet and stuff, but we have that now too. We are slowly getting everything set up and making minor changes. I will definitely have better pics once everything is settled in a bit more. Today was our first day in the house where we didn't have company, and although we LOVE having company, it's hard to feel settled. Alan seems to be having a blast, even if he does miss our friend Shawn something terrible. Although he is more accident prone than I remember. Poor kid has slipped and fallen into every piece of furniture but the piano, I think.
We had a little housewarming get together on Saturday night which was a lot of fun. I think Ken had a little more fun than might have been healthy for him, but he should recover over the next few days. It's so nice to be able to have people over and not be crammed into a tiny living room or be worried about whether or not the people next door think we're too loud. I'm definitely loving it. Well....I know there are lots of other things I wanted to blog about...but I can't remember what it was. Oh well. Now that things are settling down I'll be able to get back in the groove. More tomorrow!

Friday, August 8, 2008

All Day appointment my @$$ !

hey! Just a very quick note to say we are here and FINALLY online again. We were supposed to be reconnected with phone, internet, and cable on wednesday (an "all day" appointment) but for some reason, they didn't show up until this morning. Never fear, I had all kinds of fees and things waived, as I spent many hours on the phone with Eastlink. Everything is going well otherwise, and things are setting up nicely. I will be posting pics and such later today. Yay For Internet!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Moving Day!

YAY!!!!!! Moving Day is finally here! Even though I'm looking around and seeing tons of odds and ends that somehow didnt make it into boxes, I am super excited this mornng (I must be if I'm up at 630 am and Alan is still sleeping). Right now I'm going to wake up BJ (again) and start packing up the last minute things before getting Alan ready to go to the sitter today. We won't have any internet until Wednesday some time, so I will update then. Can't wait!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

No one was going to eat this Timbit...

Some people find Jesus in their Cheesies. This is what Shawn and BJ found in a Timbit. 'Nuff said.

The Many Faces of Alan

Alan was having fun today making faces, so I just had to post them. The top one he is wearing our friend Shawn's glasses and I think he looks like a mini Harry Potter. We may have to borrow them for Halloween!

Friday, August 1, 2008

More house pics (for Madeleine!)

This is the master bedroom. It's in the basement.
These are the TWO DOUBLE closets in the master bedroom.
This is the cute door on the tiny downstairs bathroom.
Laundry room
Alan's room (Spare bedroom is pretty much the same on the other side of the hallway)
Living room picture window
Living room
Dining room
Bathroom (obviously)

Just posting these pics of the inside of the house that we took last week. We've been really busy packing stuff up, so there isn't much new to report. Alan was feeling kinda icky this week, but he seems to be doing a little better today. Our friend Shawn is down until the weekend after the move, and Alan is having a blast torturing him. I do want to take a second to say HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY to Rob and Tina. You guys are doing it right! Anyway, gotta go. There are boxes calling my name. More updates to come this weekend!