Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hello again!

Hello again...sorry for the hiatus. Between the wisdom teeth and the winter blahs, I haven't been doing much worth blogging about. I'll try to do better! For now, I've posted some pics on facebook...which you can see if you follow the following links:

1. Alan Cam (all taken by himself)
2. Feb Pics (mostly OF himself!)

I'd put them on here but I've been procrastinating with my marking and should really get to that as opposed to waiting for them to upload here for the second time tonight!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Big Boy Bed!!!!

Helping daddy put it togetherHe wanted to crawl in before it was completely put together

Before the blankets are on, giving it a shot

Alan had his first night in his big boy bed last night. After a couple of hours of frustration getting it together (stupid pre-fab furniture. Screw holes never line up.), Alan couldn't even wait to get blankets on it before he tried it out. I was a little worried that he would be out of bed a hundred or so times last night, but after four times up knocking at the door, he did settle in and go to sleep. He took about an hour and a half or so, but he often stays up almost that long talking to himself anyway. We also made sure to put a doorknob cover on the inside of his door so he can't get out in the middle of the night and go wandering around the house while we're sleeping downstairs. Here's hoping that the rest of the next few nights are as easy!