Thursday, September 25, 2008

I hate being cranky.

Well, the title says it all. I hate being cranky. But I can't seem to help it sometimes. Right now I have a first class ticket on the PMS train, and I'm using it to run people 0ver. Add to that the fact that BJ is on nights all week so I never see him and it just gets worse. It means that I have Alan all to myself every minute I'm not at work, and keeping track of him is a full time job in and of itself. So I've been on the go from 6am until 8pm every day before I get a second of time to myself. When he goes to bed, I would love to watch one of the shows I have on DVR, but I currently have 110 assignments and 33 tests in my bag that need to marked ASAP, not to mention the never ending laundry, dishes, sweeping, etc. I am sorry this sounds so whiny, but I'm a little overwhelmed today. I am praying for 8 o'clock to come, and I can't decide if I want to mark, watch tv, go play WoW, or just go to bed. I need the sleep, but I'd like to do something else other than work, clean, and take care of Alan in the evening. Grrrr. I really am cranky. Anybody have some ideas to help me get over it? I was going to workout after school today but I had too much of a headache. I would welcome some suggestions, if anyone has them to offer. Until then, if you see a train coming, jump out of the way.

P.S. in the last hour since I posted this, Alan has figured out how to turn up the volume on the tv via the stereo, open his sippy cups, and climb up on both his high chair and the coffee table. Looks like I'm in for a relaxing night. Sigh.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Crazy Kid

I think he gets this from BJ.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Recent Pictures

Alan checking out his new Crocs that Aunt Tina and Uncle Rob sent down
Yay for packages!!!
He LOVES the rubber boots.
Alan carrying Daddy's lunch for him
He had to have my hat...anyone recognize the logo?
I swear I didn't give it to him. Sometimes its a hat and sometimes he puts it over his eyes as "glasses", even if he can't see anything.
Apparently the need to clean is genetic, but skips a generation.
He had to "keen" under everything
He has rediscovered Spiderman. thanks so much Kassie for buying this for his first Christmas. It's costing a small fortune in batteries.
He found a picture of Jessie and Terry. He points at it and names them, then gives then kisses. Too Cute!

If you haven't noticed, Alan now poses for his pictures. He always says "cheese"...hence the number of pictures where he is showing off his teeth!

Things Alan does/says that crack me up

I decided to do this list because I'm sure some day I will forget all these things, and I'm hoping the act of writing it down will help me remember. Or I can always check the blog archives!

1. He sings along with songs on the radio or tv, and sometimes he even manages the right words. I particularly love when he sings "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree" by KT Tunstall..he sings all the "Woo Hoo" parts.

2. He dances like the Bushwackers, if the bushwackers also shook their butts.

3. He says "gook" instead of look, and "weavy" instead of heavy. He also calls Grandma "maama", and Nanny "Ninny". Oh, and Tyrone (from Backyardigans) sounds like "Tylenol".

4. He remembers everybody's names, and randomly asks me about people when we're in the car.

5. He LOVES to torture his father. Nuff said.

6. He knows beer by the sound the bottles make in the trunk. Not kidding...wish I was.

7. He always says excuse me when he makes one rude noise or another, and tells other people when they should say it too. (sounds more like "Mu Me" then excuse me, but it works).

8. He is a phone-a-holic, and when I give him the phone he says "heyo" and then goes and sits in his chair to talk.

9. He says "I love you" kinda like Scooby Doo (I ruv you mom).

10. He says goodbye to everyone, loudly, wherever we are...mentioned this embarassing habit in a previous post, I believe.

11. He recently started huffing at me if he doesn't get what he wants, complete with arms crossed and dirty look on his face.

12. When he gets his diaper changed, he always tells me that the wipe is "coooooold".

13. He will take off his own or someone else's socks to search for elusive Fuzzies.

14. Whenever he sees someone with a Tim Horton's cup he expects a Timbit. Even if that person is walking down the sidewalk and we're driving in the car.

I know there are plenty more things that I wanted to include, so I'll have to edit this post when I remember them. I am just afraid he's going to grow up on me and stop doing all the cute stuff wayyyy too soon. He will be 2 (eek!!) in a couple weeks after all!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stolen from Tina

Stole this from Tina since I don't have much to say. Again...I'll post more pics when I get a pc that works.

1. What is your occupation right now? High School Math Teacher

2. What color are your socks right now? Black

3. What are you listening to right now? Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer

4. What was the last thing that you ate? Shepherd's Pie that I made for supper...yummy

5. Can you drive a stick shift? Barely...but I can do it.

6. Last person you spoke to on the phone? My Momma

7. Do you like the person who sent this to you? Absolutely...even if she is one of those annoying Early Christmas Shoppers.....

8. How old are you today? 27

9. What is your favourite sport to watch? ummm....I like hockey and golf

10. What is your favourite drink? Probably coffee

12. Favourite food? Steak with Potato Salad (and what happened to #11??)

13. What is the last movie you watched? unless Backyardigans DVD's count...Stargate: Ark of Truth

14. Favourite day of the year? Christmas

15. How do you vent your anger? Killing stuff on WoW or calling Momma

16. What was your favourite toy as a child? Probably a toy keyboard or something...I really don't remember

17. What is your favourite season? Fall

18. Cherries or Blueberries? Blueberries

19. Living arrangements? We have been homeowners for a whole month and a half!

20. When was the last time you cried? The other day when the cat jumped on my foot and stabbed my toe with her claw

21. What is on the floor of your closet? Boxes I haven't bothered unpacking yet

22. What did you do last night? Stacked wood in the basement (and I"m still sore)

23. What inspires you? Love, in it's infinite forms

24. What are you most afraid of? Bugs....any kind. Bleh.

25. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers? mmmmm...cheese.....

26. Favourite dog breed? Probably Yorkies. Oh and St Bernards. But I probably wont own either one

27. Favourite day of the week? Has to be Saturday...hello all day PJs!

28. How many states/provinces have you lived in? Just the one

29. Biggest Life lesson: Take every opportunity to spend time with loved ones, it's worth it.

Now Anyone who reads this can post one, or email it to me! I want to see your answers too!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Computers officially suck.

Sooooo I'll start off by saying I'm a little cranky right now. I'm sort of stuck at the "oh my god it just never freakin ends" right now. Beyond the hole in the wall and the mountains of laundry I still have to do from our bee legacy (since all our clothes were in the room when he sprayed it), I have been having ridiculous problems with my home computer. I think I've used it a total of 5 times since we moved here, using my school laptop most of the time instead. Just after we moved in, I replaced the main fan. That didn't seem to reduce the overheating/funky smell coming from the computer, which caused it to shut down on it's own. So I stopped using it until we could get a new power supply, which we got last Tuesday. BJ finally got that replaced Wednesday, and it took him some doing to get the thing running, because something was being stubborn. After that, it seemed perfectly fine. I got to play the online game we spend a lot of time on for the first time in about a month over the weekend, and was happy to have it back. So yesterday I decided that I would not bring work home, seeing as I was really tired, and would instead retire to the computer as soon as Alan went to bed. I wanted to spend some time on the game getting caught up on all the stuff I hadn't been doing. Unfortunately when BJ went to turn the computers on, mine wouldn't power up at all. So there I was with no computer, no work to do, and getting crankier by the second. Today we went to exchange the power supply as it seemed it must be the issue. Unfortunately, the people at the store plugged it in and it apparently works. So BJ has spent the last three hours trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with my computer. It looks as though it might be the RAM, the motherboard, and possible my hard drive. And yes, I said AND, not OR. So now I'm supremely cranky. It may be weeks and weeks before we get the necessary components, and if my hard drive is toast I will have a conniption. I did burn off the majority of my pics a few weeks ago, but I'm still NOT happy. Ah well. Maybe the money fairy will stop by our house tonight with the winning numbers for tomorrow's lottery draw so I can just go buy the world's best computer. That would teach 'em.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Bye-Bye" Muahhhh!

I would soooo be blogging more if I could post pics, but since I'm still using the laptop and it doesn't have my camera software, I'm S.O.L. for a few more days. On the brighter side of life, someone came and knocked a (very large) hole in my bedroom wall and killed/removed all the bees. Apparently it was one of the largest colonies the exterminator had seen, and some of the bees were the size of HUMMINGBIRDS. No wonder I could hear them at night. Eek. What the guy failed to tell us in advance, however, was that the room would have to be sealed off for a couple of days. Since I've been sleeping on the living room floor for the past couple of weeks I'm not too put out, except for the fact that ALL MY CLOTHES are still in the closet (and now need to be washed). We didn't know he would be spraying deadly bug-killing stuff all over the room and now the room is a disaster. I'm talking Honeycomb and drywall everywhere, and the pesticide leaves a sticky residue behind that kills bees that escaped round one. I have a lot of laundry to do this weekend. Not to mention a wall to replace.

Now on to one of those "Embarassing Kid Moments". Last night I took Alan to the orientation night for parents of students new to our school. It usually lasts about an hour, and then we mingle with parents and chat and answer any questions they have. I planned ahead, and brought dinky cars and snacks, so I could distract him throughout the proceeding. Well...10 minutes in he had already played with the cars, got up and down out of his seat, pointed out all the lights and fans, asked "what's that" to 25 random objects, and was all "funned out" in the theatre. So, I figured I would sneak him out of the theatre into the atrium where he could run around and I could keep an eye on the presentation. So I grabbed my purse, grabbed him by the hand, and start to lead him up the aisle. At this point, he turns around to the person speaking (and all 60 or so people in the theatre) and (loudly) says "Bye-Bye!!", and Muahhh....blows kisses. Well. The entire population of the theatre lost it, and my face was as bright as Rudolph's nose leading my little man out of the theatre. Cute? Sure was. But did he have to do it in front of my principal, both vice principals, and half the other teachers? Oh my. I must say that at least ten people found me today to tell me how funny it was, but I was a tad embarassed. Ah well. He's a wonderful child and I'm really not complaining. Besides, in ten years it will be me embarassing the hell out of him every chance I get!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

ummm.....wish I had stuff to blog about...

Well...I feel like I should write about something but there really isn't a whole lot for me to say right now. This was the first week of school and the kids started back today. It was pretty busy and my feet are killing me because I'm not used to heels yet this fall (Tina, just for you, I spent my whole summer in fli flops). I'm still with bees, as the exterminator apparently doesn't realize what the "beginning of the week" actually is. So BJ and I are still camping out on the living room floor. I'm starting to get bitter about it, since I have a lovely queen size bed downstairs. Ah well...patience, right? I'm also still using my school laptop at home since I need a new power source on my home computer. It makes this lovely smell (kinda like burning plastic) the whole time it's plugged in right now. Let's see...what else....We're going to get Alan's haircut this's desperate and mom keeps threatening to put it in pigtails. It's not that long, but it's definitely WAYYYY longer than it should be. Oh and I'll leave you with a funny fact that I'm not sure everyone knows. My nephew Nathan (Jessie's son) calls me Aunt Cuckoo. ( he was trying to say KelKel and it came out more like CooCoo) So Alan always looks at me and says "Cuckoo Mom" now. Yay. I'm Cuckoo!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labour Day Weekend! (Pics not in order!)

A record breaking 8 guitars!

Monday morning watching Pablo!
Fireworks Lined up all down the side of the cottage
Cameron warming up BJ's guitar!
Boys in the water
Lots O' people on the wharf
Naked Baby dancing to "Wild Thing" as sun by the fish on the wall. Only my kid.

Well. What a weekend. It was a blast, as usual. From the ridiculous amout of fireworks to the huge number of people, it was just an over-the-top great weekend. The weather was pretty decent, with a couple of odd showers and some rain as we were leaving Monday. The kids were awesome, and most of the adults behaved as well! Oh, and no broken bones this time. A couple bonked heads and a few sour stomachs, but that's it. Joey made over 70 dollars as a buck-a-drink bartender. I'm just trying to figure out why none of us figured out that deal...unless it's because we were more interested in drinking the liquour than mixing it...Anyway.

Other than having a fabulous time this weekend, I am now home trying not to think of the bees in my wall, who won't be with us much longer. The exterminator is coming in a day or two to cut out a hole in my bedroom wall and remove the bees. Thank god. And yeah...I start school tomorrow. Dammit.

I know I had a ton of things I wanted to blog about when I got home, but I'm tired and can't remember any of it. With any luck I'll remember tomorrow!

Misc Pics

BJ and the aforementioned "Beaverbank Flyswatter"
Alan wanted to play but I gave him the non-electric variety
Because Shawn wanted Leet gas
Alan and Nanny
Alan and Nanny saying "Cheese!"