Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sleeping in the Fort....

Well, Christmas has come and gone, as has New Year's. We had a lot of fun, and there are a lot of pics on Facebook that I will link at a later time. I had to blog about this funny little event, though. Alan got a cool toy for Christmas from our friend Shawn who has been staying with us since August. It's called Crazy Forts, and consists of a bunch of balls and sticks that go together to make a fort in a variety of different shapes that you then throw a sheet over to complete it. We've had it set up in the spare room in the shape of an igloo for a couple of days. Anyway, he decided tonight that he just HAD to sleep in it (and watch his DVD player, of course). After a bit of persuasion/discussion, BJ and I set up a mattress out of pillows, heaped on the blankets, and brought over the night light and monitor. So far he's really enjoying the novelty, and is happily lying down watching his DVD player. Here's hoping he stays all night!

PS - it's 10:30 and he's sound asleep! Who knew?