Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to Confuse a Kid in Two Sentences....

I just had to blog a conversation I had with Alan today. To give a bit of background, my sweet little boy has recently found a whole boatload of saucy. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the new baby and the adjustments we are all making, but it can be a real touchy balance between giving him some leeway and not letting him get away with murder. Currently, my biggest beefs are the attitude and not listening to what he's told to do. He tends to look at me and say "No" in the snottiest voice he can find when asked to do something he doesn't want to, and as you can imagine, I can NOT stand it. Bad enough I have to put up with it from other people's kids when I work, I refuse to put up with it from my own. So the conversation we had today went like this:

Me: "Alan, please (go do something I can't remember right now)"
Alan: "NO"
Me: "Alan, if you say "no" to me again, you are getting a Time Out"
Alan: *shakes head*
Me: "Did you just say "no"?"
Alan: "N...I mean Ye....N.....ummmmmmmm?"

At this point I almost cracked up, as I realized that he knew there was no way to answer the question I had asked him, but was trying to find a way. Eventually he just said " Uh Uh", but the moment was over for me. Leave it to me to ask him a question with no way for him to answer it and not get in trouble :)