Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Exam Time!

As anyone I've been talking to recently already knows, it is exam time again. Today, my Advanced Math 11 kids wrote their exam. They made me promise to bring my camera, and I'm glad I did. I'm calling these kids my "dream team", since they are all done up for the intense workout that is my Math exam. I nearly fell over when I saw them today, and not just because they look like a bad 80's Aerobics video! I love the fact that they are wearing tank tops when it's -25 degrees outside. Finally some people who appreciate my math jokes!

P.S. They all did great on their exams (which are marked already...woo hoo), and I got their express permission to blog this!

Pics from Lately

Alan (aka Michelin Man Junior) Showing off his muscles before leaving for the sitter's.
Smiling for the camera

Using the stool daddy built to brush his teeth

My Beautiful sleeping baby...After next week he'll be in a bed instead of a crib.

Eating nuggets, watching Cars. This could be any one of five or so days last week!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas in Pictures

Well. Here I am on the last day of my Christmas vacation trying to complete all the "stuff" I was going to do before now. Oops - again. It always seems to happen that way, doesn't it? Ah well. The last couple of weeks have been insanely busy, with being home for the first week or more and then back here to guests and a New Year's party to prepare. Fun, as always, but I am never quite ready to go back. I really enjoy visiting with people over the holidays, and having more than a day or two to do it. Even though I still don't get to see everyone I want to. Alan took a while to re-adjust to being home, but he is slowly settiling into being my nice, polite, happy boy again, instead of the little hitting devil-child he was for a couple of days. Although, as I'm sure Tina can sympathize with, he has now discovered the Cars movie and wants to watch it 18 times a day. I borrowed Julie and Tim's copy and now I'm going to buy one so he doesn't wear it out. Ah's a break from Diego and Pablo at any rate. Apart from that, my newest obesession is the Twilight series of books that my mom bought for me. I got all four for Christmas and had them read in three days. I'm now reading them for the second time ( and almost done the third one...eesh) and watched the movie a couple times as well!
I haven't made any specific New Year's resolutions, unless it's to try posting a bit more and eating a bit less. But as I said, nothing rock hard. More or less, I just want to try a little harder to do those things I know I should do, and don't quite manage all the time. Well, it's time to make supper. I'll do my best to keep it current. Happy 2009!!!!!
Alan and Daddy eating breakfast on New Year's day
Alan with Auntie Linny

Joey's Christmas presents gave Alan and Nathan hours of fun.

Kisses for Nanny

Me, Alan, BJ, Kass, and Madeleine

Yay for cars! Thank you Nanny!

He's a pro at opening presents now

Look! A Diego Train!

Bruno, Diddy, Alan, Nanny, Nathan

Me and B and my staff Christmas Party

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Quick Update

Hey all...I will be uploading pics tomorrow, but until then, here is a look at the facebook pics : HERE . Sorry it's taken me forever, but that's Christmas! More to come tomorrow!