Friday, October 24, 2008


Today is the second anniversary of the loss of my father. It's a hard day, but really, so is any day without him. Feelings are very hard to express, so I"ll just copy the memoriam I wrote for the paper:

In loving memory of Alan Cameron, who passed away October 24, 2006. You were
with us for such a short time to have taught us a lifetime of love. Your were
not just a husband, father, uncle, and grandfather. You were a calm voice, a
warm hug, a comforting hand, a happy smile. Our lives are made poorer by the
loss of you, yet infinitely richer for the time we spent together. Your joy and
love for life are your legacy. 52 years was too short, and now two years is
unbearably long. With all the love in our hearts, Debbie, the girls, and family.

Love you Daddy

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cute Video


Well. As you can tell since it's been like a month since I posted, life has been a little busy. On the first weekend in October, Madeleine was here, which was great. The next weekend was Alan's birthday party/Thanksgiving, and then last weekend was Mike and Jill's wedding. And of course, in between is time to catch up on schoolwork and housework with little time for anything else. I have about a million pictures, so rather than upload all of them here, I left most of them on the facebook site HERE . Right now I have a TON of marking to catch up on, so I think I will organize my thoughts about the pertinent stuff from the last couple of weeks before I rant about it :)

Quick Update

Hi all. This is just a very quick update saying I'm hoping to update later today. I've barely been near my computer lately and I have tons of pics (thanksgiving, birthday, wedding, etc) to get up here. Sorry I' ve taken so long. Anyway, I'm at school so I can't write long. Until Tonight!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Two Already?????

Alan at five months (had to swipe these pics of facebook since my PC is toast...sorry about the crappy quality.
Alan at his first birthday party
Alan this morning with his present from Nanny. Please excuse the half asleep, pink pajama wearing mother in the background. It was early.
My little man turns two today. I can't believe it. Where does the time go? On the other hand, I have a very hard time remembering what life was like without him. The only thing I know for sure is that there was a lot more sleep involved! Anyway, we are going to have a small dinner/cake here tonight with just us (and Nanny of course, who arrived last night), and next weekend we will have the birthday bash at grandma's. I can't wait until the party because we bought him the coolest toy ever, and I had to send Cindy for it, so I haven't even seen it.You can see it HERE. Anyway, we're making happy birthday pancakes, and Alan is torturing the cat with the twist ties from his new toy, so I should finish this up. This time two years ago, I was delivered for about an hour, and still couldn't feel my legs, so I'm way better off now over then. And to forestall your questions, it's not quite time for another yet :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Today would have been my Momma and Daddy's 31st Anniversary. I just wanted to say thanks to the people who showed me what a happy marriage and strong partnership looks like. Love you Momma, miss you Daddy.