Friday, March 26, 2010

More Pics

Alan and his new Mickey Mouse...Gotta love it!!
Alan's "big brother" present. Where were these when I was a kid?

Almost three weeks old here, having some tummy time

Smiling...sorry for the fuzziness, trying to take a pic with one hand of a baby on my lap is harder than I thought it would be!

My Beautiful Boy
Scott is three weeks old today, hard as it is to believe. We're settling in, although there are definitely adjustments being made on all sides. Alan is dealing fairly well, but the adjustment for him also includes re-learning the rules of our house after being at Grandma's for five weeks, as well as not having his Momma at his beckon call. Go figure - he always needs me at the EXACT same time Scott does (usually while nursing, of course). But we're all learning. Scott is a pretty relaxed baby, and a generally good sleeper, although at times I definitely feel rather Zombie-like, but what new mother doesn't? For now, we are looking forward to the long Easter weekend, and hoping for nice weather so we can go outside (while a good chunk of my family spends a week on the beach in Cuba....grumble).


Tina said...

His looks are changing! He really does look like Alan. And we all love the bike!

Nanny Power said...

Kelly is he ever growing,what handsome boys.Nanny is always thinking about them.I love them dearly.Nanny sends hugs and kisses.This is the greatest gift in the world having grandsons to make you smile.