Monday, November 24, 2008

I almost like Dora....

Anyone who has spent much time with Alan and I probably knows that we spend a lot of time watching the Backyardigans and Diego, but that I hate Dora. I have always hated Dora...I think it stems from when we used to babysit Colby on a fairly regular basis because he loved Dora. Kinda like my cousin Joey and his endless episodes of Barney. I'm not sure if it was the endless repetition or the vacant stare while waiting for the 2-year old audience to respond that turned me off, but I'm definitely not a fan. ANYWAY, after tonight I could learn to like Dora. Thanks to that inane show, ALAN ATE SOMETHING NEW!!!!! He obviously watches it at the sitter's, because he found a can of Dora soup in the soup aisle at the grocery store today. It's basically just vegetable soup with Dora/Backpack/Boots - shaped pasta. At any rate, he said he wanted it and that he would eat it for supper. I figured, what the hell. If not, I wasted under a buck. When we got home and he finished "helping" me put away the groceries, he said he would eat it. Granted, it took bribery, withholding juice and pausing the episode of Backyardigans to get him to eat the first bite, but he did eat it. He ended up eating almost half the can. YAY!!! With any luck, he is turning over a new leaf and may actually try one or two new things. Or so I can hope.

P.S. Funny story: BJ and Alan were dropping me off at work early this morning, before the sun was quite up. As we're driving, Alan starts saying "nana, mom. Nana" (meaning Banana). After a couple of times I looked back and saw that he was staring out the window, at which point I said "that's not a banana, Alan. It's the moon!" Hee hee....To his credit, it did look like a tiny little banana in the sky.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Misc Pics (in reverse order, darn it)

Helping Daddy with the bread
Carrying it to the oven

Help, daddy? pie

Apple pie in progress
BJ's first pie crust
Look...a kitty....
Dancing in daddy's boots
What happens when Cows lie down on your plants.
Again with the cows
Silly kitty
Nathan the Lion
Alan as Diego

I'm still here! Really!

Hey all...if anyone actually still reads this. It's been a busy little while, and without my normal PC, and the wireless internet not co-operating with my laptop, updating with pics and whatnot is way less convienient. Since my last post, we have had happy occasions, such as Halloween, and not so happy occasions, such as the anniversary of Brian's death. We have had midnight visitors flattening our plants and bushes, stomping holes in our lawn and leaving large piles of poop all over the place too. Apparently a neighbour is having issues keeping his cows at home >< . Let's see...what else... Alan is coming up with new words and sentences all over the place. He can count to ten without being prompted, and if I call him he is likely to say "ok in a minute mom". School life is nuts...we have midterms coming out tomorrow and parent-teacher at the end of next week. I am going to an inservice tomorrow with my student teacher who starts on Tuesday. Hopefully my kids don't eat her alive :) At any rate, I am going to try to upload some pics and I promise to get back to updating daily (or close to it) now.